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Latest from the Blog

Monday 19 April

This was really a landmark day. I went for a swim, in Hampton open air pool (heated to 28C it has to be said.) But first I went for a walk with friends in Bushy Park, an enormous expanse of open land near Kingston. Many people out enjoying the sunshine, which today was up toContinue reading “Monday 19 April”

Sunday 18 April

Another amazingly sunny day. The garden now needs constant watering. When out walking, all the formerly muddy paths are now dry and dusty. Yet overnight it is bitterly cold and vulnerable plants cannot yet go outside. Well the British always allegedly talk about the weather, so I am true to form. I visited Emmetts GardenContinue reading “Sunday 18 April”

Saturday 17 April

A very fine sunny day, so different from the snow on Monday. But there you are, that’s April. I was very fortunate to have yet another birthday celebration. Emma and Yolande had conspired to make lunch, followed by a most amazing birthday cake, and a few glasses of wine to wash it all down. MoreContinue reading “Saturday 17 April”

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