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Wednesday 20 January

I am able to establish what day it is from the bubble pack of blood pressure tablets. Which I dutifully take on a daily basis. Oh dear, that it should come to this. I suppose it’s like being in a nunnery where you know the time of day because it is matins or compline orContinue reading “Wednesday 20 January”

Tuesday 19 January

It was not quite so cold today, about 10C, so I felt more inclined to spend time in the garden. Which I did rather than going for a walk. There is always some tidying or weeding to do, and although it takes me a while to psych myself up to the latter, there is aContinue reading “Tuesday 19 January”

Monday 18 January

Monday 18 January marks ‘Blue Monday‘, the most depressing day of the year. It’s the day when the financial pressure of the Christmas just passed hangs over us most, the weather is at its worst, and the extra pounds we’ve acquired over the holiday season are proving harder to shift than we anticipated. Well, I thought you’d like to knowContinue reading “Monday 18 January”

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