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Latest from the Blog

Saturday 8 August

First of all, let me apologise for my “Funkstille”, a somewhat antiquated German term I think for radio silence. My laptop was playing up again and was totally dead for the whole of yesterday. Technology and I do not ever seem to be best friends. However I tried the time-honoured tactic of leaving it forContinue reading “Saturday 8 August”

Friday 7 August

The hottest day of the year. There is a breathless hush now at 9.15pm. I have been out watering the garden and it is like walking around in a sauna. Very humid and sultry. After weeks of lockdown I can see why people are rushing to the coast and beauty spots. I had my hairContinue reading “Friday 7 August”

Thursday 6 August

Oh happy day! We left a bit earlier for Ashburnham Place, Rod’s current favourite fishing haunt, and popular with me because the grounds are so magnificent, and so is the cafe, the Orangery. I dropped Rod off by the lake and made my way to the cafe, wondering if it might be very crowded andContinue reading “Thursday 6 August”

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