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Saturday 26 September

A big day for my foster grandson Yannis. The much postponed First Communion service. This is a very important occasion in the Catholic church, and he had been attending classes throughout the winter in order to prepare. It should have taken place in May and we had planned a big family party, but like soContinue reading “Saturday 26 September”

Friday 25 September

Time to head back to base, and today Croydon is in the news for all the wrong reasons, as a policeman has been shot dead at the custody centre. I don’t really live in bandit country, but London is a big city and has big city issues. Before I left Maeve showed me her latestContinue reading “Friday 25 September”

Thursday 24 September

We drove nephew Tim back to Hathersage in the Peak District. It was a lovely sunny autumn day and so pretty to see the moors with heather and sheep. We sat in the garden and had lunch and a bit of a catch up on family news. We decided to return via Bakewell, which isContinue reading “Thursday 24 September”

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