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Monday 19 July

Freedom Day! Or is it? For me it is the first day of a holiday in Shropshire and so it is freedom from my usual routine. It is 30C on average, and the journey here was only bearable because the car has air conditioning. There were many vehicles on the road, everyone heading off forContinue reading “Monday 19 July”

Sunday 18 July

Wot a scorcher, as The Sun would say. It was 31C here today, a little hot even in the shade. We were trying to entertain Adam in the coolest part of the garden, but it was difficult. I have been clearing away after yesterday’s party. Not that I did much of the catering, everyone wasContinue reading “Sunday 18 July”

Saturday 17 July

Stand by for blasting, as my father would have said. He came out with this whenever there was a big family party and the preparations got a bit feverish. So I thought of this today as we put out balloons, banners, picnic mats, parasols, let alone the food and drink Everyone contributed something and itContinue reading “Saturday 17 July”

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