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Tuesday 24 November

Seen from my study window yesterday morning: dawn over the Farthing Downs. Such a lovely start to the day. Today I went walking in Kent. In an area we have not been to before, just south of Sevenoaks, near Fletchers Green. Oast houses and horses, and winter wheat making the fields look green. We metContinue reading “Tuesday 24 November”

Monday 23 November

Today I received my first Christmas card, also a picture postcard from my niece in Edinburgh. I think real post has come into its own during lockdown. I have made the effort to write more, especially to people who live alone. I read that the Post Office is thinking of taking on extra postmen atContinue reading “Monday 23 November”

Sunday 22 November

I have had all kinds of feedback on the blog today which is massively exciting. Christina Pluhar has excited interest, a former student has written to say she reads the blog every day, I have had advice on the French for bubble (une bulle), and a cartoon about remaining optimistic (I have good days, andContinue reading “Sunday 22 November”

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