Friday 3 April

A friend has commented that it is amazing that I can write so much about nothingness: reminiscent of the journalist, Phil Space. I have to say that it is quite a challenge, but perhaps I have spent my life talking about nothingness, even bilingually.

Another day, another pair of earrings. Today’s are garnets which I bought in Prague, when on a long weekend’s visit with dear friends. Prague is a magnificent place, redolent of the Austro Hungarian empire, with street names in the old Gothic script, still used in Germany until relatively recently. And also with a significant Jewish history, which I have always been interested in. One of Germany’s most famous writers, Franz Kafka, grew up in Prague, and one can feel the conflicting cultural tensions in his writing.

Last night I watched the National Theatre’s live stream on YouTube of One Servant, Two Guvnors. Free, and there for 7 days. It is so funny, pure escapism, James Corden is brilliant as the key player. It is rather slapstick humour which is not normally something I like, but this is a very slick production, with a terrific set and costumes. Catch it if you can.

More gardening and walking. I went back to yesterday’s walk. I am averaging about 8500 steps which is not too bad, considering I am only meant to be out for an hour. Very few people around on foot, many more in cars. Mind you, as I saw petrol at £1.05 per litre recently, it is tempting to go for a drive, just for a change of scenery.

I see that the weather forecast for the weekend is wonderfully warm. At this rate I will be more tanned, more freckled, more exercised, than I have been for a long time. One of life’s little ironies.

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