Saturday 4 April

Today is the first day of the school holidays. Not that the children or their parents will notice a great deal of difference. What is quite interesting is that as parents have been forced into the home-school scenario, they realise that the teachers were quite right when they said, your child has the attention span of a flea! But the weather is agreeable and now is the chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Germans say, es gruent, it greens: I noticed this today when I was out walking. The trees are bursting forth with greenery, and it is vibrant and fresh and somehow full of hope. We went on a different circuit today, towards Woodmansterne, and the scenery is really remarkably rural for the edge of Greater London. I saw peacock and brimstone butterflies, so pretty, and a reminder of the summer to come.

My earrings today are amethysts. set in silver. I bought them a long time ago in a small shop in Croydon, long since gone. But it is interesting that these tiny items have a history of their own, and it amuses me to recount them.

It was very warm and sunny today and again I spent a long time in the garden. But I am beginning to suffer from back ache and knee ache, and I have to realise that I have weeks and months yet to fill with sorting out the garden! I am very saddened that garden centres are not allowed to sell the little plants they have been nurturing over the winter. I normally patronise our local nurseries, and look forward to buying a selection of plants. If one thing is lifted during lockdown, I think this should be it. It will help everyone’s mental health for starters. And perhaps provide them with vegetables and flowers.

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