Monday 6 April

It is coming to something when I have to look at my phone to see what day it is. As the days gradually blur together, weekdays, weekends, high days and holidays, it becomes less and less relevant. I read today that Italy is coming to the end of 45 days of lockdown, and we have completed just 10. It does give food for thought.

The first task this morning was to remove a splinter from my finger. How can such a minute speck be so excruciatingly painful? I swear I woke up last night every time I turned over and inadvertently pressed my hand. Anyway, my husband wielding a needle, excavated it out. As it was on my right hand, and I am right handed, I was entirely at his mercy. However, he is quite an expert at this type of task, having occasionally to remove fishing hooks from his own fingers, or worst case scenario, having to go to A and E for help (not recently of course).

I managed to go for a 3 mile walk today, across a grassy area known as Carshalton Road Pastures, a chalky grassland, allegedly home to the brown hairstreak butterfly. I went as far as the Oaks Park, had a quick look, and although there were very few people around, I turned for home again. I met one other walker, at a safe distance, all the time I was out. Other exercise took the form of Pilates and gardening. It is so fortunate that the weather is so pleasant.

Earrings today are little farthings. Hands up those who can remember this antiquated currency! They were made by a friend of my daughter’s, and they are highly polished and look like gold but have the advantage of being extremely lightweight.

I read something which made me smile today. “And to all those grandparents out there, missing your grandchildren, when this is over, you can have ’em for a MONTH!” In reality, hard times for all generations.

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