Saturday 11 April

“There are fairies at the bottom of our garden” (children’s poem.) Well not here, but it would be entertaining if there were. Instead we have a golf course, and over the last few weeks I have been walking along its perimeter, and realising how large it is, and how well cared for. Although no one is playing golf, the course is being maintained and at present it looks so lovely with a variety of blossom trees in full bloom, and variegated heathers. It seems a pity that no one is allowed access, just to walk around the margins, but regretfully people are so foolish they would probably set up a BBQ.

On our walk today we had a long conversation with a lady who was planting laurel bushes as a hedge. She had lived in the area for 8 years but had never walked along the footpath that we had just emerged from. Her grandchildren were skittering about and it was lovely to have a chat with somebody different. One advantage of lockdown is that people do have time to stop and have a natter, at a safe distance of course. In the ordinary course of events, one would just say hi and keep moving.

However Matthew Parris in the Times today, says that he does not believe that things will never be the same again. It was said after 9/11, and what happened? Manhattan built new skyscrapers. He maintains that Skype dinner parties and Zoom drinkies will never replace the real thing, and that as soon as the pubs open, we’ll all be there. I do have a certain sympathy with this sentiment.

The garden is so dry that I have had to unravel the hose pipe. The cat thought this was delightful, a huge mouse tail to pounce on, kept her amused for ages. And when she heard the water going through……yippee, something on the move! The vegetable patch is a veritable dust bowl. Ironic after all the rain we had this winter. It was 23C again, and forecast to be much the same tomorrow, though very much colder on Monday. Well, it is Bank Holiday after all.

Today’s earrings are made from Blue John, a semi precious stone found only near Castleton in the Derbyshire Peak District. These were given to me by my sister, when she got married in Bakewell, also in the Peak District. Over time I have collected other items, or been given them, and as I wear blue quite often, they are just great. My daily earring saga seems to have struck a chord with quite a few of you: I am so delighted to hear. Perhaps everyone has had a little time to shake out the jewellery box and decide what is worth keeping. One dilemma has been highlighted: will I have enough earrings to last to the end of lockdown? When I have to start recycling, you will know that lockdown has lasted for a very long time.

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