Easter Monday 13 April

True Bank Holiday weather is cascading rain, so it certainly was not that, but the temperature dropped alarmingly, to around 9C, so it seemed very wintry again all of a sudden. In reality, it is no doubt normal for the time of year: we have been spoilt. There are many bluebells in flower along the edge of the garden. So pretty. But I think with longing of the banks of these beautiful flowers in Emmetts Garden or the Banstead Woods. I am beginning to suffer from cabin fever: I do so like to walk in the open countryside. The fact that I am not alone with this sentiment doesn’t make it any easier! Around here there are wonderful blossom trees, stupendous pinks and frilly white. They are always there, it’s just that this year I have had more opportunity to admire them.

Today’s earrings are from Australia, a gift from friends. They are made from an interesting stone whose name escapes me. They are a ginger colour with golden sparkles, it might be iron pyrite. I have only visited Australia once, spending a few days in the delightful city of Melbourne, on my way to a longer visit to New Zealand. I would love to visit these countries again, but despite blandishments from Trailfinders on an almost daily basis, urging me to book next year’s holiday, I think the possibility is very remote. I am told that if airliners are stationary for a long period, they become useless. So flying anywhere is off the agenda for a considerable while. When I was thinking about this earlier, I felt pretty downhearted. But then I thought, there are loads of places in the UK I would love to visit. I know very little about Scotland, I have rarely been to Wales, and then there is the South West Coastal path to complete! “Always look on the bright side of life”

One thought on “Easter Monday 13 April

  1. Yes, the truth is that it is impossible to predict even now what kind of world awaits us on the other side of this pandemic. I imagine that there will be less air travel, or certainly far fewer of the cheap deals we have hitherto made use of. Interesting, to think that we may tell our grandchildren of a world where movement around the globe was generally not much of a problem. This is all a bit like the re-instatement of the Berlin Wall. Except now, such walls are going to be more common, and in different places…


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