Wednesday 15 April

Today is my birthday and to celebrate, my laptop has gone on to slowdown. So I am tapping out very slowly on my phone. Technology eh? We are so dependent grrrr. But anyway I had a lovely day with many texts and video calls along with the more traditional cards and presents. The local Indian take away is offering a delivery service and it was excellent. In the past I have often been in Germany at this time, and my pen friend’s mother always tried to get strawberries which are now so commonplace at any time.

My earrings are little green Ampelmaenner which are from Berlin: in East Germany the traffic lights for pedestrians had very cute red men with a little hat and the green man had the same hat and was running. After reunification it was suggested they all had the same figures but the Berlin little men were so popular they were retained. Berlin now has an entire shop devoted to souvenirs of these little chaps, which is where I bought the earrings.

On my walk today I noticed the cow parsley is now nearly waist high. If it rains we will be in a forest. However the garden is a dust bowl although we had a frost this morning: winter and summer simultaneously. I have noticed that the cat is very clingy. It’s as if she knows that something strange is going on. Perhaps I unconsciously radiate some unease, she follows me everywhere and is inclined to yowl if I disappear from view. Very odd.

One thought on “Wednesday 15 April

  1. I came across a pedestrian crossing once with the notice: ‘Wait for the green man to cross’.. It did occur to me at the time that if someone actually did see a green man crossing, they might not be in too fit a state to cross themselves…


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