Friday 17 April

Since lockdown the post seems to be running later than usual so I have received some late birthday cards and presents which is very pleasant. I should also have mentioned the birthday “cake” which I made. It was a Bakewell pudding, made from the recipe from the original Bakewell pudding shop. Not a Bakewell tart, with white icing and a cherry on the top which is totally non authentic. The real thing is with lots of ground almonds, on puff pastry and is altogether delicious.

Today I went for a walk to the other side of Coulsdon, around the recreation ground where there were only 2 other walkers, and then back through the main street. I have to say that I began to feel a shade apprehensive as I saw more than a couple of people. There was a queue at Waitrose, and some other shops were open: the pet shop, the off licence, all essential of course, and also the fish and chip shop. Take away only, it said, but I thought it was ever thus. I suddenly realised that I am so drilled into avoiding crowds that the last thing I would want to do is go to a theatre, for example. Strange how one can adapt to the status quo.

My earrings are green glass beads, very dangly, given to me by my goddaughter, before any of the next generation had children. Now I have learned to avoid wearing them when visiting babies and toddlers, as they are very keen to yank them. It is very entertaining to hear how the earring saga strikes a chord with people, and friends have written with stories of their own. Very charming.

I have been thinking about Samuel Pepys and his diaries. He has always been a great hero of mine, as I have kept a journal from the age of 15. Only personal stuff, of interest to no one but myself, but to a certain extent I suppose it reflects an era. Pepys survived both the fire and the plague in London. He writes about fearing the plague, and decamped to Greenwich for some of the time, but he returned to the city, and escaped infection. It has been suggested that he may have had a natural immunity. He writes about sharing a bed with a friend, who was covered in fleas, but not one attacked Pepys.

As we face at least 3 more weeks of lockdown, and conceivably many more I would say, the question is, will I have enough earrings to maintain a daily rotation? A distracting dilemma.

Anyone reading this before today may have noticed that I had 2 Thursdays this week. I have now amended it to FRIDAY 17 April. Just goes to show that all days blur into each other…….

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