Saturday 18 April

Now a good start would be to get the day right. This week I had 2 Thursdays but I have now corrected this error. Does it matter, one might say, as each day blurs to the next? Weekends, what are they? As a retiree, it usually means, avoid going to the shops as they are busier than Monday – Friday. But no-one goes to the shops anyway, so………

I went for a lovely walk this afternoon, very near to where I live but in the direction of Sutton. As we went past fields, this horse came to greet us, and had a munch of the fresh hawthorn leaves. There are still an amazing number of rural areas on the edge of Greater London.

An absolutely incredible number of cowslips. We met a few people, also out for their daily walk. What is so nice is that they have time to stand and chat, probably because they are fed up with being cooped up with the same person/people day in, day out! But it engenders a certain feeling of camaraderie: we’re all enduring the same hardships sort of thing.

We spoke to a man working on one of the fields: the tractor was going up and down, planting something. “Sweetcorn,” he said. He was picking stones and other rubble out of the way of the tractor, and seemed pleased to stop for a natter. From his accent I could guess he was African: in fact he was from Zimbabwe. He said this was his weekend job, because he needed to feel connected to nature. I really understand that: I have felt more connected to my garden than ever before, and certainly in Kenya, everyone had their shamba, small plot, for growing vegetables and perhaps keeping a few chickens. I read recently that England imports 86% of its food. This really has to change.

My earrings today are silver treble clefs which I bought in Oporto on a market. I like music a great deal, and play the piano and used to play the guitar, and sing. Many of my family are talented musicians, and it is an important part of my life. Increasingly so, as I find little to watch on TV and prefer to listen to the radio or to a CD. Or to an online concert, which is becoming a frequent occurrence now. I am very disheartened by the fact that so little music is taught in school now. To take GCSE in music is regarded as extraordinary and to take A Level, positively freakish. King Solomon called for David to play on his harp when “he was of troubled mind”. I have a friend who is a music therapist, and music does have undoubted healing qualities, which we could all benefit from, I am sure.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 18 April

  1. Good thing this is one enthusiasm we share: good old ‘sameish’ Classic FM seems to have improved a lot – considerably since John Humphreys became a presenter, just as BBC R. 3 has improved since Suzy Klein appeared on the scene. And both do first-rate ‘Desert Island Discs’-style programmes with interesting people with a story to tell.


  2. Desert island discs is one of my favourite things to listen to. I like the level of talking vs music. and finding out tunes you’ve never heard of. I find this very relaxing. Good for my weekend lazy breakfasts of banana pancakes and coffee 🙂


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