Monday 20 April

I had reason to drive through central Croydon today, and so it seems did many other people. Not just buses, lorries, Asda delivery vehicles, white van man, but lots of private cars. Surely they were not all going to Sainsbury’s? I think that lockdown is taking a toll, and although people are not breaching the social distancing rule, at the very least they are going out for a little drive in order to get a change of scenery. I have to admit that I have driven very little in the last 4 weeks and the novelty was quite ridiculously exciting.

I am wearing silver Gothic harp earrings, which I bought one year at the Greenwich Early Music Festival. A Gothic harp is a taller, thinner harp, probably more the shape which most of us would recognise as a so-called classical harp. My previously mentioned harp earrings were Celtic harps, or a clarsach: a smaller chubbier instrument played in Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

Spring is now in full swing, and it is time to enjoy it. The rosemary bush has produced small delicate mauve flowers, white and purple lilacs are bursting forth, and the laburnum is about to come into full swing. The clarity of the atmosphere is amazing: I can appreciate now what Sadiq Khan says about the (normally) dreadful quality of air in London.

I played the piano for a short while this afternoon. When lockdown began, I thought it will be easy to spend at least half an hour practising each day. Regretfully this has not always been the case. Similarly with embroidery: all the time in the world, I thought. I did manage about half an hour, but it is certainly not daily. So where does the time go? I did my online Pilates class, made flapjacks, went for a walk, usual meals and household tasks……………maybe emails and phone calls are more demanding than normal. It does seem essential to keep in touch, especially with people living alone. Anyway, plenty of time tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day……… the way, what day is it?

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