Tuesday 21 April

I managed to go for a much longer walk today, and feel enormously energised and more positive as a result. I fear that cabin fever is going to take a great toll on everyone, and although I see the reason for lockdown, I also think that there will have to be some easing in order to preserve the nation’s sanity, and as it were, for the greater good. Everywhere I have walked recently, people have been careful about social distancing. The debate about masks remains: I am happy for people in the front line to have them before I do. I am in contact with almost no one. I am happy to commune with the bluebells in the woods, and the brilliant yellow rape flowers in the fields.

I am beginning to be anxious about the effect on children. My 8 year old friend is showing signs of stress and anxiety, bursting into tears much more often. As adults, we know that eventually there will be some kind of solution to this crisis, but for a child with a lesser concept of time, it seems interminable. When will he ever see his friends again, go to school, resume football practice? It is quite heart rending.

The Queen celebrates her 94th birthday. What an incredible number of world shattering events she has lived through. I think it is fair to say that as a monarch, she will be a hard act to follow. When I was in Edinburgh I visited the Royal Yacht in Leith. I had not expected it to be particularly interesting, but in fact I found it fascinating, to get a tiny insight of what it must have been like to be on the throne for so long, and I sympathise with her feelings that RY Britannia offered her the possibility to escape from the tasks of everyday life. It is said that the Queen never sheds a tear, but she did when the Royal Yacht was decommissioned, and I can understand why.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the blog. Please keep the comments coming, much appreciated.

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