Friday 24 April

Probably like most people, I have a series of email and WhatsApp groups who exchange daily news and updates. Today from one, I received a challenge: for your desert island, which 3 books (apart from the Bible and Shakespeare) would you choose? This has occupied my mind all day. Mostly I incline to 19th century literature, and then I thought, perhaps I should have something 20th century, or American, or non fiction…………I am still contemplating, so I will let you know tomorrow. In the meantime, maybe you would like to choose your own.

Today’s earrings are silver Celtic knots. I can’t remember where they came from, probably a holiday in Scotland. They have the virtue of being very lightweight and not too dangly, so not such a temptation to small children to grab.

Last night I watched on YouTube the National Theatre’s production of Twelfth Night. It was a quirky take on it, very funny, with Tamsin Greig as Malvolia, which gave a 21st century twist to the story, but I really enjoyed it. I started thinking about Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre, and how they were affected by the plague in London. In 1606 the deaths from the plague reached a number whereby the theatres were closed and it is interesting to read how isolation measures were put in place to try to prevent the spread. They counted the deaths and more than 40 in a week triggered closures of public meeting places. Quarantine was attempted and houses boarded up with a red cross painted on the door: hence the phrase, “banged up”.

I did not manage a walk today, only Pilates, but gardening resumed. As it was so warm, I ventured to plant out sweet peas, runner beans and dwarf beans. After all the winter time flooding, it is ironical that the ground is so dry that I have to spend a considerable time watering everything. It was 21C today, and I admit to having a little siesta in the garden after lunch. And so the lockdown days develop their own rhythm. I daydream about going on holiday but then get irritated when I receive emails from Trailfinders urging me to think about 2021. No, I’d like to think about this summer, but I know it is unrealistic.

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