Monday 27 April

Oh joy oh rapture, I have got my laptop back. It had multiple viruses, no jokes please. I am partly shocked at how dependent I have become on technology, but at the same time relieved that I don’t have to tap out everything on my phone, or beg time on my husband’s pc. So here we go, back in business.

We went out for more of a country walk today and it was so lovely to see the wild garlic, hawthorn blossom, geese with 8 little goslings, trees in new brilliant green leaf. All the dogs are clearly loving the extra walks they are getting. I read recently that dogs are going to get so used to being with their owners 24/7, that they should sometimes be left alone, otherwise they will suffer from separation anxiety when mama and papa return to work. We saw some friends at a social distance in their very large garden, and it was extremely pleasant to have different company. Zoom chats are all very well but nothing beats real people.

I am waiting to hear how my friends in Austria and Germany are coping with the gradual easing of lockdown. It’s so funny, everyone is eager for it to end, but then the thought of being in close proximity to lots of other people suddenly seems a bit terrifying. I saw a large passenger airliner coming in to land at Gatwick today, and thought, I wonder if and when I’ll ever go in a large plane again? But I have to say that at the moment, the desire to do so has somewhat evaporated. I would be happy visiting a few more places in the UK.

Anyway, lockdown is cutting down expenditure. No petrol, no holidays, no theatre tickets, dining out, no new clothes or shoes. I suppose I could buy the latter on the internet, but there seems no point, I’m not going anywhere. Hands up all those who stayed in their pyjamas all day. No I didn’t but it was tempting to loaf around in my Pilates leggings and top. But I didn’t. One has to keep up appearances. My earrings were very undramatic, some green glass beads, I think passed on from my daughter’s friend who is much more systematic about having a grand turn-out than I am. I still have a few more pairs to keep me going through lockdown: priorities, priorities.

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