Friday 1 May

May Day. A time of celebration in many countries. Here in Croydon it is the former name of the big hospital, presumably derived from the international distress call, mayday, which in turn comes from the French, m’aidez. But in thinking of previous Maydays, I remembered my childhood in Sheffield: I lived there from age 4 to 11. The local church had May queens and processions and it really was very pretty. The May queen was chosen from the Sunday school girls, and I think had 2 princesses as companions, and then all of us Sunday school children processed behind them. The music was always the Elizabethan Serenade, and whenever I hear it on Classic FM, I see the girls in their white dresses and floral crowns, processing to the church hall. Maypole dancing was also prevalent, and I took part in my primary school. It was such fun to see the pattern of bands emerging around the pole, and woe betide you if you made a wrong move and jinxed the pattern.

It was much colder today and from time to time very rainy, so gardening was not the order of the day. My exercise was Pilates, and a fairly short walk around the local streets. The lilac is really making its presence felt, and I also saw roses in bloom. It is more windy too and the laburnum is scattering a golden shower over the front garden. The rain is very welcome, and everything is springing up. Including the weeds.

My earrings are a daisy shape, of different semi precious stones set in silver. A present from friends but I am not sure from where and as yet have not been able to contact them to ascertain. The colours of the stones are red, green, blue, mauve, white. The sort of earrings which will go with any outfit. A wonderful gift.

We should have been going on holiday to Shropshire today, to Church Stretton. A whole group of us, 11 in all. Now postponed till next year. I keep receiving emails from travel companies who are endlessly optimistic about making bookings for 2021. I know they are also working from home and justifying their existence, but at the moment I don’t feel I can think beyond the end of next week! I overheard someone today say, “have a good weekend.” I am not sure that weekdays and weekends vary a great deal, in that everyone is tied to base: I suppose it’s an automatic Friday greeting. So I will sign off, echoing the sentiment!

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