Sunday 3 May

The laburnum in front of our house has been so spectacular this year. A couple of years ago it had about 4 flowers, and I was tempted to get rid of it, but earlier this year my nephew pruned it, and it has certainly sprung back to life. When the wind blows, we are covered in a haze of golden petals.

We did about a 3 mile walk this morning. People out with dogs and babies, people feeding horses in the fields. This is life in semi rural suburbia. It is noticeable how everyone now gives a cheery “good morning”: I’m sure before lockdown we all charged on our way to collect the newspaper or walk the dog or whateve,r without saying anything at all.

The recent rain has made everything grow, including the weeds, so I was back out in the garden trying to maintain order. I think the danger of frost has now passed so it might be time to order some plants. I hope to patronise the local nursery which is doing a free delivery service. We are going to be so spoilt with all this free delivery. I will never need to enter a shop ever again. The end of retail as we have known it.

Today’s earrings are turquoise and look remarkably like robins’ eggs. They have a mottled pattern on the surface and are egg shaped. They were a present from my son and daughter-in-law who know that I have a weakness for turquoise. They are suspended on a slight silver chain and bob about rather dramatically. I still have a few pairs to go, so I know that lockdown is not ending any time soon.

So the Prime Minister has a new baby called Wilfred. Funny how these really old fashioned names have come back into vogue. I had aunts called Ruby, Vera, Freda, a great aunt Daisy, great uncles Frank, Herbert, Robert, Harry. All becoming popular once again. What will today’s children call their offspring? Pamela, Sharon, Trevor?

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