Wednesday 6 May

I bottled the home made limoncello today. Well it is probably more accurate to call it lemon flavoured vodka. I followed a recipe but reduced the amount of sugar and water, as I don’t like it too sweet. I tried just a teeny sip, just checking, and it was pretty strong and very lemony. So I’ll serve it out in small liqueur glasses. I also made another Bakewell pudding. Like most of the country, I am enjoying more home baking than I have had time for until recently.

Now a question: do you ever wrestle with a roll of clingfilm, which somehow splits down the middle and unravels unevenly, till you cannot get a sensible piece to do anything with? I am maddened by the current roll, which still has a fair bit on it. Do I take a razor blade to it and try to cut away the straggly bits, or just chuck the whole thing and buy a new roll? I am normally so careful to keep the edge straight but this one has clearly got a life of its own.

The earrings are rather heavy dark red and gold coloured, and are in what might be called a Mesopotamian design. They were given to me by a friend who knows I am very committed to Mesopotamian culture, in particular music, but I also dress up in costume for performance, and so appropriate jewellery is always great fun.

It was warm and sunny and I spent time in the garden, attacking more weeds. I think I am not a natural gardener. I find it very annoying that I can clear an area, turn my back, and the weeds have all sprung back again. I have endless patience teaching languages, or playing a tune, but when it comes to the repetitive nature of gardening, I confess I experience frustration.

I see that France and Germany are beginning to ease lockdown measures, so all eyes are on them to see what happens. We will be somewhat the wiser on Sunday evening I suppose. Hard to imagine that we are approaching a Bank Holiday weekend. All days merge into each other, almost with no sense of time.

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