Thursday 7 May

We have just been out in the road for the usual 8pm clap for the NHS and key workers. This has now actually become an opportunity to catch up with all the immediate neighbours, at a social distance of course, and to see if everyone is still alive and kicking. We were speculating if the enthusiasm would be so great, if it were pouring with rain instead of being a rather balmy almost summer evening. The good news is that everyone is on great form and is staking a lot on Sunday’s pronouncement on the easing of the lockdown. Cabin fever is clearly setting in all round.

I went for a longer walk today and it was just wonderful to step it out a bit. It was very warm, 22C in the middle of the day and there was a high level of pollen as everything bursts into flower. I saw brilliant blue speedwell, and tiny scarlet pimpernel, which made me think of the ditty “They seek him here, they seek him there,” referring to the mysterious and elusive Scarlet Pimpernel. The garden is as dry as a bone, ironical after all the winter flooding. But I was able to water the veg patch, after a disaster yesterday with the garden tap: all fixed now. I had a look at the weather forecast for the coming week and almost no rain is predicted.

Today’s earrings are very simple: small oblongs of mother of pearl set in silver. They were a present from my son a long time ago. My children knew that if they were at a loss as to what to give me as a present, a pair of earrings would never go amiss. These ones are great because they go with everything.

Tomorrow brings a commemoration of VE day. No street parties under present circumstances, but I have seen some bunting and flags appearing. It will clearly be a much lower key event than originally planned.

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