Saturday 9 May

This seems a rather large picture of the hawthorn blossom we saw today, but never mind, it was a veritable cascade. At the edge of a field, about a mile from where we live. It has been a great eye opener to find all these walks, and I am sure we will continue to do many of them. It is not always necessary to drive for miles to the well-known beauty spots when you have such lovely places rather unexpectedly on the doorstep. It was very warm, 23 C, and I was not too active in the garden it has to be said. We sat outside for lunch and dinner, and that is always a great pleasure.

I had been wondering how Germany was commemorating the end of the war in Europe, and was referred to the speech by the German president. Der Bundespräsident / Speeches / 75th anniversary of the end of the 2nd World War

I have read it all (here it is in English) and I find it very poignant and very well written. Post war German literature is riddled with feelings of guilt, and even today, people grapple with what happened: a country of such culture, art, music, literature. We must all learn from the experience.

The earrings are Polish amber again. This time very simple globes of iridescent orange which glow in the sunlight. I have checked if I still have enough pairs to keep going through lockdown. I have to admit to a few yet to come: but maybe Boris will set us free tomorrow and that will be the end of the story. I fear not: that would be too much too soon, but maybe a gentle easing.

One thought on “Saturday 9 May

  1. Jenny, your photo of the hawthorn blossoms and the laburnum brought back wonderful memories of May 2019, when we were in the UK. We were greeted by the hawthorns in full bloom along the roadside during our ride from the airport to the pub where we stayed the first 3 nights of our trip. Having never seen hawthorns or laburnums previously, we were very taken by both.

    Thank you for sharing the speech by Germany’s president. So direct and such a healthy attitude about both the past and the present. During a Rhine River Cruise a few years ago, we were very struck by how the generation who grew up after the war has faced the past and seeks to educate their children and grandchildren in an effort to protect democracy. In our house, we are praying for our own country’s liberation from those currently in power and for a revival of American ideals and morals. Shockingly, public opinion polls in the last few years have shown a large percentage of our young adults do not value democracy as a political system. This is shocking to those of us whose parents fought in WWII and whose contemporaries sought to stem the spread of Communism in SE Asia. (To be clear, looking back, Frank and I feel our presence in Vietnam was misguided but, at the time, we truly believed the influence of Communist China was a threat to both S. Korea and S. Vietnam.)

    It is Mother’s Day in the U.S. Bitter sweet for me as my mother passed away nearly 9 years ago and, of course, due to the pandemic, we are unable to spend time with our daughters. However, my 95 year old mother-in-law lives with us and we’ll celebrate with one of her favorite meals today.


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