Sunday 10 May

We are now about to enter the 8th week of lockdown, and Boris Johnson has made a speech tonight, in effect, urging us to stick with it. So the blog will continue, along with the earring saga. I fear that my anecdotes, and the selection of earrings, may soon become a little repetitive. Today’s ornamentation are large turquoise circles, stud earrings rather than dangly ones, and go with a bracelet and a pendant. The bracelet has some quite heavy stones, and once broke in spectacular fashion as I was leaving the cable car which crosses the Thames, with my young friend Ryan, whom I had taken there as a treat. We scuttled about, retrieving stones from hither and yon. It is now re-threaded and very fine.

The walk this afternoon was like stepping back an entire season. It was very windy and extremely cold. We walked past a field with 5 horses, who were skipping madly around, as if the wind had suddenly whisked them into a wild dance. Yesterday’s hawthorn was blown around like confetti. Such a rapid change.

We had a family Zoom call this morning. I think I should be called a baby-Zoomer rather than baby-boomer, in that it affords a wonderful opportunity to see the young grandson who I have not seen for such a long time now. Modern technology is fantastic, enabling virtual meetings with people who are far away from each other. Nevertheless, meeting in the flesh is always going to be the very best. I try to keep in touch with friends who live alone, and chatting on the phone is better than email. Also “real” letters are great. So I try to write those. I sometimes wonder how historians are going to tackle biographies in the future, in that many are based on correspondence. Will they really trawl through emails, and Twitter accounts?

So let’s see what the next few weeks bring. Please do feel free to send me messages via the comments section of the blog, or email me. I very much welcome any feedback and hope that my musings afford a modicum of diversion.

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