Monday 11 May

It was unbelievably cold today, with a north east wind which made it feel like winter. So no gardening, except some watering, as there is still no rain forecast for this area. My activities today were online Pilates, and this afternoon a walk on Coulsdon Common.

We are so fortunate to have this amazing countryside right on our doorstep. The land belongs to the City of London, and is protected common land. I took advantage of the new rules, and walked with a friend, at the statutory distance of course. It was really great to get and out and about. Although like many people, we were discussing how best to interpret the newly announce regulations. Stay alert and stay 2m away seem to be the key to it all.

My earrings were from Japan, a country I had the good fortune to visit rather a long time ago. The earrings are blue and white porcelain, an oval bead and a circular bead, one on top of the other. The blue is very delicate tracery work painted on to the white. I found them in the not often worn section, the reason being that they are quite heavy and also attractive to babies to grab. Ouch.

I am watching the National Theatre production of “Anthony and Cleopatra”, still streaming on YouTube till Thursday evening. The NT really does have the most incredible productions, the sets, the costumes, music, and of course brilliant actors. But watching it, especially the love scenes, you begin to wonder if we shall ever see the like again. Social distancing on stage? Impossible. Although I understand that Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads” is being revived, with a couple of new ones, and then that would work, with a solo actor on stage. Directors of musicals with a big cast must be feeling very desperate. We look to the government for guidance, but in all honesty, the ramifications are so huge, it’s no wonder they are grappling with it.

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