Wednesday 13 May

I never thought I would say that the highlight of my day was collecting a new garden hose from Screwfix. But there you are, it was. It is just magnificent and reaches right to the top of the vegetable patch which is at the top of the garden. However it is so cold that any growth there seems to have ground to a halt, and although garden centres have opened today, I did not venture in, as the plants I want to buy are mostly frost sensitive. But I did hear some activity on the golf course behind our garden, so things are moving on.

I very much enjoy the writings of Giles Coren in The Times, and recently he was railing against many phrases which have come into use lately. One of them is the “new normal” and I so much agree. The situation in which we find ourselves is new, but it’s certainly not normal, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s not going to be. I accept the temporary strictures of face masks and social distancing, but please, this is not going to be normal. Another irritating phrase is “stay alert”. A scientist (clearly not a government one) pointed out that if you are not alert, you are either comatose, or dead.

My earrings today are small pendants of green amber which came from Poland. My son and daughter-in-law visited Krakow before we did, and brought me these as a souvenir. In the centre of Krakow, which is an extremely beautiful city, is a market hall, with a large number of stalls all selling amber in every shape and size. Not only jewellery but ornaments and lampstands and knick knacks of every description. Each one more exquisite than the next one of course.

I noticed today that the elderflower is coming into bloom.

Time to make elderflower cordial, or elderflower champagne, although make sure you have the appropriate bottles for the latter, as it is explosive stuff, though very delicious.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 13 May

  1. Love the photo of the elderflower. I have never had the pleasure of seeing the flowers or tasting either of the drinks you mentioned. Like you, the highlights of my days are significantly different than in the past. Shopping “spree” yesterday – took two pieces of counted cross stitch to be framed, bought a table runner to embroider, and returned slacks we had purchased for my mother-in-law which she found unsuitable. Biggest outing I’ve had in over 2 months! Hope your weather moderates soon. Cool here, too, but not as cold as there. Also, i’m Not complaining because our forecast is for very hot temperatures later in the week.


    1. Hi Janice, thank you so much for your comments, you seem to be my most avid follower! I am amazed that you have shops open for things like framing, or returning slacks! Those days seem long gone for us. We have supermarkets and pharmacies, and from yesterday, garden centres.


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