Thursday 14 May

I decided to go for my walk first thing this morning, partly because it was very cold and I thought I would get warmer by doing a brisk trot. But I also felt very energised for the day as a result. It was sunny but with a bitter east wind. As I walked through the wooded part, a robin twittered along with me. They really do like human company. Unfortunately as I reached the end of my walk at a lane, I came across a heap of flytipping.

It is beyond me how people can do this. I know the tips have been closed but they have now reopened, but in any case, there is frequent flytipping in this area. Very sad.

When it warmed up fractionally, I did some work in the garden. It remains incredibly dry and I have to do watering every day. There seems to be no prospect of rain. Some of the roses are coming in to flower, and I am particularly pleased with one at the front of the house, which seems to be putting out more blooms than ever before.

I have learned a new skill today, how to set up a Zoom meeting. Up till now I have only joined other people’s meetings, but a friend very kindly talked me through it, as I am a bit of a technophobe, and later I managed to do it all by myself. As we all seem to be spending more and more time in front of the computer, trying to link up with other people, it seems a useful asset.

My earrings are small discs of mother-of-pearl, suspended one below another. They were cast-offs from my daughter, who wears fewer dangly earrings than me. I must have a nostalgic memory my youthful days of long skirts, beads and conspicuous earrings.

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