Friday 15 May

I am rather late writing the blog today, and later it will become clear why. My main exercise today was Pilates. I did not manage a walk though I did manage gardening. I visited our local garden centres in the hopes of buying some more plants, but the only one open was the largest, with a massive queue, so I gave up. The others are small family-run concerns, which in reality I prefer to patronise, but they had notices up saying they were trying to work out how they could operate social distancing. With difficulty, I fear.

What I did notice was a significant increase in traffic, and some of it pretty crazy. It is clear that some people have not been behind the wheel for a long time, imagine that there is little traffic around, and shoot off at enormous speed. Even as a pedestrian it is noticeable, as the vehicles hurtle round corners on two wheels, practically flattening you.

My earrings today are gold rosettes, from a Mesopotamian design. They came from the Museum of Pennsylvania, and were a gift to remind me of my commitment to the Gold Lyre of Ur Project. I wore them because this evening was almost party time. My niece is 30 this weekend. She lives in Edinburgh, and we had planned all kinds of shenanigans with family and friends, none of which will now take place. Although her birthday is actually on Sunday, 4 of us had a “girls night” with wine tasting and a quiz. It worked really well and we had a great time. The wines were paired with different types of cheese and we made notes and compared at the end. Short of being at an actual face-to-face party, it came a close second. Hence the delay on blog writing!!

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