Saturday 16 May

Do you ever get to the end of the day, and think, I didn’t achieve half of what I had intended to do today? Increasingly this seems to be the case. Am I just becoming more and more indolent as lockdown continues, doing everything more slowly, or simply having longer phone chats, writing longer emails and drinking more cups of coffee in the garden? Food for thought.

A positive sign of a slight return to pre lockdown was the fact that the golf course behind our house reopened. We could hear voices and the satisfying clunk of golf balls, and it was a refreshing sound of normality. The course has been wonderfully maintained, the blossom trees are still in flower, and I am sure all the players had a magnificent day.

We went for quite a long walk this afternoon, and made two discoveries. Firstly that there is a big increase in road traffic, with some devastatingly awful driving, as if the drivers had been let loose like bats out of hell. Secondly, that the garden centres which were open are practically stripped of goods. Good news for them of course, but not so good for me, as I am still hoping to pick up a few things. The days are getting longer, but the evenings are still cool. The mind turns towards a summer holiday but I think that is an unlikely scenario this year. Maybe the autumn. I had a wonderful break in Northumberland last year in October, so there are still possibilities.

Today’s earrings are very simple Kenyan beads, brown, strung in a circle. They are quite large loops but are fortunately very lightweight. I have to say that I am getting down to the bottom of the box, so it soon be time for some recycling. Perhaps I will have to think of a certain theme, a colour, or a shape, and dig them all out again in rotation.

I am getting increasingly fed up with the newspapers. We have a subscription (to the Times, in case you are wondering) and at the weekend I am fed up with the travel section advertising trips I will never go on, houses I will never buy, and more lockdown store cupboard recipes than you could use in a lifetime. I do often attempt the daily quiz, and am more than pleased if I get more than 4 out of 15 correct. One day I got 7, which is an all time record. I am no good at questions relating to most sports, TV soap operas and popular music. But there you are, I have paid my sub and must try to get my money’s worth.

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