Sunday 17 May

A red letter day on many counts. Firstly it is my niece’s 30th birthday. She is in Edinburgh, away from all the rest of the family. We had planned all kinds of celebrations but in the end, it all happened remotely. Although judging by the photos, it was still a pretty fantastic celebration, with balloons, cake, candles, fizz, cards and presents. It will be a unique event, to be recalled and commented on many times over I am sure.

Secondly, I met in a park in Ealing, my son, daughter-in-law and little grandson for the first time in 10 weeks. Normally we would meet much more frequently and it has been a wrench not to see them at all. It was such a delight to walk around, feed the ducks, look at the squirrels, and have a conversation face to face, not on Zoom. I think we all felt that it gave an air of normality to everything, something that you would be accustomed to do on a Sunday. We all felt better for it, I am sure. Grandson is now 22 months old, and beginning to talk: he says so many more words than the last time we saw him. He has an obsession with tractors: I had taken a book about a farm and luckily, tractors featured largely in this.

In celebration of today’s excitement, I turned out my best earrings, a delicate gold spray with tiny diamonds on them. I bought them from the local jeweller, who makes jewellery to his own designs in the basement. Once I thought I had lost one of the earrings. I searched high and low and it could not be found, so I asked him to make another. Then blow me, I found it on the larder floor: now I had 3. Hm. So I asked him if he could convert one into a pendant, which he did, and I now have a lovely set. All’s well that ends well.

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