Monday 18 May

This morning I did my usual online Pilates class. My teacher says these classes have been so successful that even when lockdown ends, she is thinking of continuing at least one a week. So then I started thinking about other things which have been forced to look at an online alternative, including of course working from home, and I guess that many of them will take on a life of their own after we emerge from confinement. But I have to say I still rather like going out to a class, instead of rolling about on my lounge carpet, looking at the cobwebs under the chest of drawers, and seeing that the windows need cleaning yet again.

Another red letter day: my husband was able to return to angling. He was very pleased to catch two tench, and for me it seemed a much more normal situation to see him loading up his car with fishing tackle, instead of reading yet more angling articles and scouring yet more angling websites. Being outdoors is always better. I spent some time in the garden, soaking up the sunshine rather than weeding, it has to be said.

Today I found some earrings which I have not seen for a long time. They are silver spirals, and were made by a friend I met in a choir I used to sing with. She was a silversmith and made beautiful items of jewellery. I also have a heavy silver chain made by her, and a bracelet.

Very many happy returns of the day, to my German penfriend, whom I have known for more years than I would care to mention. I had my 15th birthday at her house, she was nearly 14. I visited her last year, having always maintained contact and visited from time to time: it is a wonderful testimony to our friendship to have kept going for so long.

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