Wednesday 20 May

I was very pleased to see that my Pilates teacher dated her class today as Wednesday 19 May: I am not the only one losing track of time. At the same time I fear people must be becoming massively bored. I drove to Croydon past the newly reopened tip, or refuse recycling centre, or whatever trendy name it has now. The queue was halfway back to South Croydon, at least half a mile long, and there were marshals explaining that it would be a long wait. However, few turned away, so I concluded that they had nothing better to do on a hot sunny day.

But I did. I met a friend at the Coombe Gardens, a delightful public garden wonderfully planted and maintained. It wins all kinds of prizes and rightly so. There were quite a few visitors, understandable in the 27C heat. Families having a little picnic, and others strolling around among the azaleas and rhododendrons which were exquisite. The perfume from the azaleas was quite heady. I know rhododendrons are beginning to be scowled upon as intruders, but they really are tremendously colourful.

I returned home to do the daily watering which is so desperately needed. It had been forecast to rain tomorrow but that now seems to have disappeared.

I had reason to call the Lloyds Bank helpline, and got the usual rigmarole about in these times of CV 19, high volume of calls, only call if urgent blah blah. So I deliberated, and decided I would hang on and see what happened. And got an almost instant reply. It struck me that it’s like going to the doctor’s: the waiting rooms are empty because people are too frightened to go, and they are too frightened to call the bank. Some of these strictures are going to have to be unravelled soon I think.

I am down to the good stuff in the earring selection. Australian green opals which my daughter brought back for me. She asked me before she went if I had any requests, and I mentioned opals, not realising that they are rather expensive. They are just lovely, a sort of lime green, not the typical fire opal. I like them very much.

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