Thursday 21 May

I was awake early today so I decided to go to the supermarket as it opened, 8.00. But so had a lot of other people. It’s entertaining standing in a queue 2m apart, just looking around. A lady with a large car couldn’t cope with the parking space, and bumped into the next car, but didn’t seem too bothered. Very few people had face masks, and I think no-one had gloves. We had a chat with the people ahead and behind us in the queue, it was quite a social event really. I go to the shops as little as possible, so when I go, I have a massive load. But the girl on the till said she sees some people every day, just coming in for a few bits. Perhaps it’s the highlight of the day.

I then went off to meet a friend to go for a walk on the Limpsfield Chart. This is a very pretty wooded area, much of it on the Greensand Way. No more bluebells but many buttercups and cow parsley, and more rhododendrons. Also some very pretty little cottages, with wisteria and roses.


We walked 7 miles, and it was very hot. At lunch time we stopped and admired the view to the south, the South Downs in the far distance. We met more walkers than in the past: everyone is becoming a shade more adventurous. The pub where we started and finished the walk had set up a kiosk, and was selling 2 pints of beer in a plastic flask, and also soft drinks and snacks. Nothing could be consumed on the premises but there is a grassy area across the road and people were sitting there. I got a dozen eggs for £2. I think you will see this more and more; enterprising retail filling a gap in the market.

I had a disaster with earrings today. I wore very plain silver loops, but halfway through the day realised I had lost one. As ever, I had a sentimental attachment to them so I am feeling very cross. Even more so because I have bought some “lox”, which are backing butterflies to stop earrings flying off, but as these were long dangly earrings not studs, I didn’t think to use them. So wailing and gnashing of teeth. I am hoping that the local jeweller may be able to make a copy.

We went outside at 8pm as usual, and saw the neighbours for a weekly catch-up. This is now more important than the clapping I feel. Everyone is fine and just waiting for lockdown to ease a bit more. The restless multitudes are soon going to become a serious problem otherwise.

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