Friday 22 May

Update on the earring saga, for those of you who have the remotest interest. The one I thought I had lost yesterday has been found, in the house. So I am highly delighted and vow to use the “lox” in future, as I did today. I gave a second outing to the turquoise earrings which were sent to me recently from Germany. They are very sweet and today I was feeling summery and so wore turquoise.

I ventured slightly further afield to go for a walk by the Thames. Lots of cyclists and walkers on the Thames path. I was near to the Woolwich flood barrier

It is the most spectacular piece of engineering and so elegant to look at. I love it. While I was driving there, a man crossed the road in front of me: he had pulled down his face mask to below his chin, in order to smoke a cigarette. I was very tempted to shout “Mate, if the virus doesn’t kill you, the smoking will!” But being well brought up, I restrained myself to a sardonic smile.

As I did my online Pilates this morning, in the front room, a robin came to sit on a bush just outside of the window. No word of a lie, it sat there for about 5 minutes, apparently entertained by my stretching and bending. It is very tame, and always hovers around when I am gardening. It worries me somewhat as we have a cat, who also likes the garden, but she is so well fed, that robins fortunately hold no interest for her.

I see that Covid immunity certificates might be issued, which would enable greater freedom of movement. I was amused to read something circulating on social media, which says “I certify I do not have Covid 19, but I do have chicken pox, chlamydia and gonorrhea.” I read that in China fake certificates are already commanding a high price. Hey ho, if there’s a system, someone will always try to beat it.

One thought on “Friday 22 May

  1. This blog is an excellent example of why punctuation is so important.
    I thought for a moment you had contracted some unfortunate diseases! Great blogs do please keep them coming.


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