Sunday 24 May

Bank Holiday Sunday. You might think that the roads will be busy, beauty spots crowded, but no. Nothing doing. We went out for a walk in the local fields, very quiet, very pretty.

Wonderful view of ox eye daisies. Quite warm, very relaxing.

I ventured out to a local garden centre, a very small family-run one which I usually patronise. As luck would have it, it was quiet and they were selling over the fence at a distance. So I bought some bedding plants and rushed home to put them in to create a bit of colour.

I also managed a roast dinner and rhubarb crumble for my daughter and partner, sitting at the statutory distance in the garden. The weather has been so kind to let us do this. It was fantastic to have a “normal” Sunday. I think we all benefited. Family Zoom this morning was good but there is nothing like face-to-face contact.

I have been thinking a great deal about live theatre and live performance of any kind. As an actress with the Lyre of Ur project, I have had enormous fun treading the boards. I would be very sad to think I will never do this again. I am also an accredited lecturer with the Arts Society, about the Gold Lyre of Ur, but I am never going to get going at this rate. I am not enthusiastic about doing an online presentation. But since it is a hobby not a career, I don’t really have a leg to stand on.

With these thoughts in mind, I wore my Mesopotamian lapis lazuli earrings. Rather heavy for all day wear I have to say. I am sure Queen Pu Abi, who I portray in performance, would have coped better.

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