Monday 25 May

Bank Holiday Monday, and for once, when you mostly can’t go anywhere, the weather was absolutely glorious. But for me, and most other people, it was just a pretty normal Monday. I started off with my online Pilates, my husband made the most of the recent lifting of some regulations, and went off fishing .Luckily with great success, so he returned feeling very relaxed.

It was very hot in the middle of the day so I didn’t feel like gardening, but read instead. I skim the paper and then read something more diverting and entertaining. I’ve had it with the news, on TV, radio or the newspaper. I just want something diverting and amusing. No murders, stabbings or violence of any description, pure escapism. I called on my neighbours and we had a distanced cup of tea in the garden. It is very nice to start to pick up the threads again.

I am really scraping the barrel for earrings now. I have some festive Christmas ones, which don’t seem quite the thing at the moment. At the bottom of the box I found some small gold studs with a kind of daisy pattern. I think I had them just after having my ears pierced and could only tolerate gold: a long time ago now, I have to admit.

I listen to a great deal of Classic FM: the music is fine although the adverts are massively irritating. My latest gripe is that every organisation seems to feel obliged to say thank you with a thousand different voices. The Halifax Building Society, Thameslink, GNER etc etc. Now it is not that I am not eternally grateful to all the people who are doing a fantastic job in horrendous circumstances, but I feel it is bordering on the patronising to repeat it over and over again. I think I am suffering from what is known as compassion fatigue. I prefer some music by Mozart.

4 thoughts on “Monday 25 May

  1. I understand listening to Mozart is useful for warding off Alzheimer’s. Don’t know if that is a scientific fact or not but it certainly soothes my soul!


  2. Comments on reading: I am a voracious reader, of mostly “serious” works. Having finished reading The Storm by Arif Anwar and Hilary Mantel’s latest tome on Cromwell, I have spent the last two weeks escaping into some excellent mysteries, one a very light piece set in England. If you have an interest in mysteries, I can send some titles. One of the few places where Jill and my tastes diverge, as she doesn’t like mysteries at all and I consider them my dessert once I have eaten all my vegetables. Have you begun Light in August, yet?


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