Wednesday 27 May

I have now resorted to looking at my mobile phone to ascertain the correct date of today’s posting. Desperate times. But what I really want to know is when the dentists are going to reopen, as I feel I have lost a filling, as I have some rather jagged edges on one tooth which are very unpleasant. Not too worried about hairdressers as I can just clip my hair back, but dentists…………….

A Swedish friend of mine posted this today, and it amused me no end.

No photo description available.

If you have ever been to Scandinavia, you will know that they are very orderly and correct, and although some of these festivals are known only in Sweden, I am sure you will get the general picture.

I took my car in to be serviced and have its MOT. An utterly boring task you may say. But the car mechanic has known us a long time and we always have a chat. It suddenly seemed so terribly normal and acceptable. When I went to collect the car however, there was an almighty row going on in the chip shop, a massive slanging match, and I thought then, yes, people are now on very short fuses.

I did a little work in the garden, but decided that my 2 mile walk was fulfilled by going up and down to Coulsdon for the car, and up and down the garden with the hose, my nightly occupation during these drought conditions. This is it for earrings I fear. I am down to the gold studs which I had when my ears were pierced. So I think I will have to move to bracelets, of which I also have a considerable number. Mainly bangles and beads, but many of them with a story I think.

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