Thursday 28 May

I ventured further afield today to go for a walk, namely to Shipbourne in Kent. I met a friend there and we did a most wonderful circuit, much of it around the Fairlawne Estate. There is a large house in the centre, built of brick and ragstone, which in the 17th century belonged to Sir Harry Vane, who met a sad end at the Tower of London. It is said that on the anniversary of his death, he walks around the estate with his head tucked underneath his arm. The fields and trees are excellently maintained and it was lovely to see. The sheep had just been shorn and were very frisky. One wanted to follow me around and had its eyes on my rucksack. I think as the public footpath went through their field, they expected to be fed some titbits.

There were quite few people out doing walks, the weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot. There was a bit of a wind from the east which made it cool when you rested. The fields we crossed were utterly parched. Hard to see how anything will grow until we get some rain.

This is a very typical Kent scene: oasthouses now used as residential property. So pretty. Kent is rightly known as the Garden of England, and we saw fields full of raspberry canes, and cherry orchards. The cherries were beginning to ripen, very tempting. Now what we really needed was the pub at the end of the walk to be open, but of course, it wasn’t, although under revised rules, perhaps the pub garden will be open from Monday. Something to look forward to on the next walk. We covered nearly 7 miles and it was most delightful.

As I have now moved from earrings to bracelets, I will tell you about today’s. It is mainly small turquoise beads, threaded on elastic, with some larger brown ones, and a very large brown circular one at the centre. I think it came from Africa though not from Kenya. The question is, will I have enough bracelets to last to the end of lockdown, or will I then be on to necklaces?

Tonight was the final clap for carers event, and I think rightly so, it has run its course. The best thing for me was an opportunity to catch up with the neighbours, some of whom we have only seen at 8pm on Thursdays. Fortunately everyone is fine and seems to be coping well.

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