Saturday 30 May

Today’s activity was the garden. Amazingly I have clocked up two and a half miles going up and down. I did cut the lawn, back and front, but when I say “lawn”, that is at the best of times a euphemism. It is a kind of scrubby meadow, but at present more of a scrubby desert. What I achieved in cutting it was to decapitate some dandelions and daisies and a few bits of what I call elephant grass. It looks neater, which pleases me, but it is the colour of straw. I water the vegetable patch, ad the flowers but not the grass. Our water is on a meter, and it must be ratcheting up a fair bit at present.

I have been doing more baking and cooking than usual. Yesterday I made a quiche lorraine which was just delicious, and today I made hummus and flapjacks. I justify it by saying I need to use the ingredients I thoughtfully laid in: big bag of porridge oats, large pack of dried chickpeas, but I am not sure if that is the perfect excuse.

I have located all parts of some Kenyan jewellery, earrings, necklace and bracelet. They are brown and cream squares, very simple and threaded on fine elastic, but quite summery so appropriate for the very warm weather we are having. I read it is the hottest and driest May on record. One’s mind does turn to a summer holiday. I wonder if we might get somewhere in August or September? I have always had such fun planning holidays and expeditions: I sit here surrounded by books, guides and maps, things I love. And currently all surplus to requirement.

One thought on “Saturday 30 May

  1. I hope the humous was good. You could always use some of the remaining dried chickpeas if you have any and sprout them. Very easy and very nutritious.


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