Sunday 31 May

We are approaching the end of 10 weeks in lockdown and I am hard pressed to say whether it seems a short or long period. It just seems strange. Modern technology has undoubtedly made it more bearable. I have had lots of video chats and although it is never as good as seeing someone in the flesh, it does have its compensations. Even 22 month old Adam seems to recognise grandma and grandpa on the screen now.

Whilst looking for something today, I came across a number of clear plastic bags of a specific dimension, used to contain 100ml bottles of liquid which one has/had to wave at the airport if travelling only with cabin luggage. And I thought, I wonder when I will ever use these again? Then I started thinking about adventurers of days gone by, Scott and Shackleton, whose stories I found totally fascinating as a child, and thought, if I do any long haul travel in the future, it will not be a casual holiday, it will be an expedition, planned in the ultimate detail, expensive, scheduled, controlled. Maybe I’ll just settle for a tent in the wilds of Scotland and do some wild swimming in a loch where no-one can see.

We went for a walk locally. Wonderfully sunny and a fair number of people around. But also evidence of more people on the move, namely lots of litter. It is beyond my comprehension how people can throw cans, plastic bottles, crisp packets, pizza boxes etc etc out of the window of their cars. It irritates me more than most other environmental issues.

Today my colour was pale green: T shirt, earrings and bracelet. The latter was a very pale delicate colour, made of glass beads, which my daughter bought as a present from a holiday, I think in Majorca. It is a little fragile, and I have to admit to having chipped one section, but in the summer time it picks up the light and is very pretty.

I have managed to play the piano a little. Not as much as I vowed I would when lockdown stretched endlessly ahead. The trouble is, that I don’t particularly want to start with scales and arpeggios, which I should, so I play Bach’s 1st prelude in C which is a rather more attractive version of a similar exercise. But then I would like to move on to more interesting pieces, like Brahms’ waltzes, or Chopin’s nocturnes: they are so much more fascinating, but as I am considerably out of practice, it is a shade ambitious. Still I am having fun tackling them and it is undoubtedly good exercise for my fingers.

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