Tuesday 2 June

And it’s another warm sunny day. One does have to wonder what lockdown would have been like in freezing cold weather with rain cascading every day. I took advantage of the conditions and went on an expedition to Black Down on the borders of West Sussex. I rarely use a sat nav, I much prefer proper maps, but I thought this time I would set up my phone to talk me through the route. I was very nearly there when it said, turn right, but I couldn’t because there was a large gate across saying private. So that’s when it all went wrong. I was in a tiny lane with no signal, so I just kept going, hoping I would come to something recognisable. I stopped to ask a passing walker, and got the predictable answer of the “If I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here” variety. Eventually I hit a main road, got signal and phoned the friend I was meeting to get directions. But it all serves to reinforce my sceptical outlook, never trust technology.

However, I made it to the rendezvous, late, and went for a wonderful walk on Black Down, with her two little girls. Luckily quite a lot of it was shaded, as it was incredibly hot. Today the tracks were sandy but apparently in the winter it can be very muddy. There are some cattle there, munching their way through the undergrowth to keep it down. The whole area is managed by the National Trust and is extraordinarily pretty. There are wonderful views down towards Ditchling Beacon and the downs. We saw honeysuckle, gorse, and the first bell heather.

We went back to have lunch in the garden, and a bit of a rest in the heat of the day. My drive back was familiar and uneventful, though I have to say that the volume of traffic is increasing.

Today I wore a turquoise shell bangle. I have no idea where it came from. I do know I have fewer bangles than earrings, but enough to keep me going until the lockdown blog grinds to a halt. And what will signify The End? When we can go freely on public transport, stay with friends, go on holiday, leave the country even? That state unfortunately still seems a bit distant.

The friend who recently did the 3 favourite books survey, has now initiated, at my suggestion it has to be said, 3 favourite films. Do give it some thought in an idle moment, and email me if you feel inclined, or leave a comment here at the foot of the blog. I’ll tell you my nominations tomorrow.

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