Thursday 4 June

I was up early, as I am most days, especially as it is very light from just after 4am. So I went to collect the newspaper from the general stores up the road. It is run by an Asian couple, as so many of them are, and they have remained open throughout lockdown. Madame is very friendly and always greets with a smile, and I know initially was very frightened and wanted to close totally. He is remarkably surly, and although he sees us frequently, never gives any greeting or sign of recognition. And yet I am so grateful to them, and will continue to patronise them, because they have stuck it out, selling sometimes little more than a loaf of bread or a pint of milk. They used to do steady business with the schoolchildren, but that has of course come to a halt. I see little evidence of children returning to school.

A highlight today was the delivery of a new set of saucepans. Thank you Mr Amazon! Really, that my life should come to this: over-excited about new kitchen utensils. However, I have to say, they are very smart, and I had great pleasure in consigning the old battered, no longer non-stick specimens to the recycling bin. Another highlight was returning to embroidery. It was much colder, so I did not spend as long in the garden, but instead, picked up the threads, literally, of a piece of embroidery which of course I was going to complete within the first week of lockdown, ha ha. But it gave me great pleasure to thread the needle, switch on Classic FM and sit and sew for a while.

This afternoon I went for a walk from Blindley Heath, Surrey. It was very gentle, through farmland and pastures, plenty of sheep and horses. The wild roses were very pretty.

It was very flat, the most challenging part was a ploughed field which was baked in the heat, and had very uncomfortable ridges to cross. We saw a greater spotted woodpecker and could hear the young chirping in the hole in the tree, we saw goldfinches, a swallow, and heard a skylark.

This rather antiquated notice appealed to me, as did the amazing rubber horse swinging over the little river.

Bangles were not really the order of the day today, but I have heard from my friend in Germany that she has met a lady who has a collection of earrings almost as vast as mine, which is very entertaining. I wore little green and silver ones which I bought on Anglesey, which I have to say was a much more fascinating place than I had anticipated and I would be more than happy to revisit. And buy more earrings.

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