Saturday 6 June

Having heard that recent photos were not appearing, I didn’t take any today, and had a mental rant about technology. Again. However I have now deduced what the problem was: copying from phone to laptop, downloading, uploading etc etc, all too boring, but hopefully problem solved.

We had a delightful morning with the family: 6 adults and a toddler in the garden for lemon drizzle cake, coffee and a catch up. Luckily it was not yet raining though it was unseasonally cool. So great to see everyone and feel a bit more normal. But then we did have some rain, though not really enough to be significant for the garden. I have still watered the vegetable patch. I went for a walk this afternoon and managed two and a half miles in mild drizzle, but it was good to get out.

It seems that Airbnb and other self catering holiday options may open from 4 July. It is rather tempting to rush out and book up something, but then I drew back, thinking that thousands might have the same idea, and I am not yet ready to meet thousands. And yet we are only two weeks away from the longest day and it would be so nice to have some summer time plans.

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