Sunday 7 June

Today I should have been heading to Cornwall with 3 friends for a walking holiday, based in Bude, and doing a good few miles along the North Cornwall section of the South West Coastal path. But hey ho, like all other holidays, postponed to the same time next year. Just hope that knees, ankles and general fitness will enable me to do it. In readiness I have clocked up three and a half miles today. This afternoon I was in Lloyd Park with my young friend Ryan, and it was quite interesting doing some people watching. Lots of families out with a picnic, and we even came across a group with a shelter and a BBQ. It was all very good natured.

But as you can see, the park is a desert. We had a few rain drops today but otherwise it is drought conditions, and I am still watering the garden every evening. But it was cooler. Not exactly flaming June.

I was thinking today about public exams which would normally now be at their height. For many years I worked for Edexcel as an AL German oral examiner, ending up as Principal Examiner for the team. As a visiting examiner I got to visit all kinds of interesting schools, including Charterhouse, and when I think how I was closeted in a small room with a single candidate across the table from me, a microphone between us recording the conversation: 2 metres just would not cut it! I also enjoyed the training meetings which I organised, where I taught teachers how to examine their own pupils, or to become a visiting examiner. When I left Edexcel, more of these meetings were being held online and it simply was not the same atmosphere. Anyway, now hardly any pupil learns German, so everything I did is no doubt now surplus to requirement. I feel very sad about this.

People are talking about booking a staycation somewhere in the UK this summer, but I am still holding fire though it is certainly very tempting. Looking back at the many places I visited last year, it all seems like an amazing dream. I was getting ready to spend a week in Norway. Well well.

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