Wednesday 10 June

Today we joined the ranks of the home improvers, and white van man set up on our drive. We needed the roofing felt replaced on the top of the bay and also some roof tiles had come loose. Luckily the work was completed before the rain came down.

Now rain: what is this? For the first time in weeks I have not had to water the garden. I swear the grass is turning greener by the minute. It is so desperately needed: otherwise we will face a hosepipe ban for certain.

I had a lovely afternoon looking after 22 month old grandson. He is learning to talk and acquiring new vocabulary with great rapidity. I had given him some little farm animals and he stands them all up very carefully and makes appropriate animal noises. He seems particularly fond of the “horsey”. I was wearing pearl stud earrings today, mainly so that grabbing hands could not swing on dangly earrings, but he was nevertheless fascinated and pointed to the “ball”. We went to the park in the drizzle. I thought there might be an issue as the playground is closed, but he is clearly used to this and makes no comment. We created our own amusements with sticks and leaves. When driving over there, I saw a bus with the sign “bus full” and thought, that’s unusual. But of course realise that it is the social distancing which means they can take far fewer passengers.

In a previous life I did some proofreading. I get very irritated by incorrect spelling and punctuation, let alone grammatical usage. It must be my background in Latin and modern languages: always casting a critical eye over the written word. So I will share with you today’s entertainment: a tirade about the use of “fowl language.” Cock-a-doodle-do!!!!

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