Thursday 11 June

It was remarkably cool and desultory weather and I feel as though I have had a rather cool and desultory day. I had a jolly Zoom call with two musical friends, who complained about the time lag on Zoom which makes singing or playing together very challenging. However, people rise to this challenge, and with judicious editing, an amazing effect can be produced: it has been named the Tapestry Choir ( can be seen on Facebook)

A thrilling excursion to Aldi. I have to say I no longer feel frightened about going to a supermarket. During the first two weeks of lockdown, I felt seriously scared, but as time has gone on, and the organisation has become more and more efficient, it seems no big deal. I still try to go maximum once a week. Odd shortages remain: caster sugar, and flour. Just shows how much baking everyone is doing. Too many cakes, guys: you’ll only develop more Coronaspeck!

I have bought 16 small solar lights for the garden. The neighbours have got some, and it looks so pretty to look out on. I had fun assembling them and sticking them in the ground and am now waiting for it to get dark to appreciate the effect. We have a mangy looking fox who shambles regularly through our garden: I hope he appreciates having his pathway lit.

We went out for a local walk, and almost got caught in a thunderstorm. I am so used to no rain, it never occurred to me to take a raincoat. But it didn’t come to much: however I excused myself from watering as it remains a little damp from yesterday.

We have a subscription to The Times, and I read it daily, but I find myself skipping over an awful lot of articles at the moment. It’s not that I am indifferent to the news, but there does seem to be a lot of repetition. The fashion notes give me the giggles: how to dress for “locktails,” the Zoom BBQ. And I can’t see anyone rushing out to M and S on Monday, unless they have had the misfortune to find all their underwear has disintegrated during lockdown.

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