Friday 12 June

The weather no longer seems very summery though I see it is forecast to change yet again. But I was very excited to see the first red raspberry. Luckily our vegetable patch is netted otherwise the soft fruit we have growing there would be stripped by the pigeons. Red currants are also looking promising. I am however very delighted not to have to do the watering this evening: the rain has refreshed everything enormously.

This afternoon I drove to Charlton to visit my goddaughter and her family. Something which I became very aware of on the way there, was the number of e scooters. I have to say it was very hazardous driving through Lewisham and Catford, with scooter riders weaving in and out of the traffic. They go at a remarkable speed, and it does not appear to be obligatory to wear a helmet, so the tendency is to give them an extremely wide berth, which handicaps the traffic flow considerably. I had fun with the three children but I have to say that homeschooling a 5 year old, a 7 year old and looking after a 20 month old, whilst both parents are working from home, is an unenviable task. However, the nursery and the reception class are opening for business next week, so things are looking up!

I have made so bold as to book a few days at an Airbnb in Herefordshire in August. There does seem to be some slackening of lockdown, and France appears to be pretty well open for business, so I live in the hopes that England may shortly follow suit. In which case, I suppose I will have no excuse to write a lockdown blog. But we are not quite there. I have not used public transport yet, though I am getting a face mask in readiness for the new regulations on Monday, in case I feel like using a bus or a train.

The solar lights in the back garden have fired up nicely, all 16 of them. I think they look very sweet. Rod says, am I trying to divert landings from Gatwick. Hm.

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