Saturday 13 June

An excited phone call from an older friend who has found romance during lockdown! A widower who had the good fortune to be incarcerated with a longstanding friend (female) and he has now proposed and been accepted. Well well.

Back to sunnier days today and I went walking from Crockham Hill near Edenbridge. It was meant to be a circular walk of 6 miles but somehow we got a little lost in a big dark wood and ended up doing 8 miles. But it was lovely.

A beautiful Kent house from 1565. Wonderful roses, just a delight to see.

A great deal of today’s walk was though farm land, here a field of barley. I was amazed that anything could grow, it was baked absolutely solid. The hedgerows were lovely too: honeysuckle, wild roses, and in the meadows clover, buttercups and thistles! It was the walk of 100 stiles. In some cases two to cross from one field to the next.

This was nice too: we found a cherry tree with some cherries already ripe. It was difficult to photograph as it was waving wildly in the breeze. The cherries were not in fact as big as they may appear here!

And the other thing which I found very fascinating today was the clouds. They were spectacular, and in some cases moving in opposite directions. I lay on the grass staring up at them at one point.

On the way home I called on sputnikblogger, my most loyal blog follower. He is recovering from major heart surgery and I have to say is a great credit to the NHS in these difficult times. We had our distanced cup of tea and sang praises to the medics doing a grand job out there. I think the time has come to say that Covid is not the only threat, and other conditions now need urgent attention.

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