Sunday 14 June

I do hope this link will work: it has made me laugh so much.

Desperate times eh? I know there are quite a few circulating on Facebook too.

This morning I was occupied with making Bakewell pudding and flapjacks. No wonder we all have clothes in the wardrobe which seem to have miraculously shrunk. I was also trying to talk through a friend in Germany the intricacies of using Zoom. The day has finally come when I might have fractionally more IT knowledge than someone else! He thinks he has now got it, so the acid test comes tomorrow morning when we do the final trial run.

We entertained visitors in the garden to eat the afore-mentioned goodies. Sunny again, so back to watering everything this evening. We had family Zoom time, always interesting to hear what everyone is up to. Tim looking after bees in Corsica seems to be doing the best at the moment, though cycling round Edinburgh runs it a close second.

Today I filed away some information into the house log. For a long time now I have kept a dossier of everything we do in the way of decorating, repairs, maintenance in the house. I note the name of the paint, the wallpaper, the cost, the name of the plumber, electrician etc. The hilarious thing about this is how quickly one forgets. Not so long ago we had the stair carpet replaced. The previous one was beginning to go threadbare on the treads. I was outraged. “That was an expensive carpet, we bought it in Allders (shop closed down a while back)” Hm. So I checked in the log………..we had had it 22 years, so I guess it did not really owe us anything.

And so ends the twelfth week of lockdown.

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