Monday 15 June

I went into Coulsdon early this morning. I wondered if there might be more school children around as the secondary schools have opened for a couple of year groups today but there was no evidence of this. The cafe next to the little Tesco was open. It has a couple of tables outside and a couple of geezers were sitting there having their morning tea and a fag. As I went past, I heard one say, ” ‘Ere, hav yer thought, yer could make a bob or two as a part-time barber?” I love overhearing random conversations, it truly is the spice of life.

Today we went and had a garden picnic with 4 friends. Luckily the weather was still sunny, it is raining this evening, at last. But it is clear that they have used their time very industriously as the garden is just lovely. A riot of colour and very neat and tidy. A great delight to sit there, drink Bucks Fizz and put the world to rights. Or more importantly, at the top of the agenda, have you planned your staycation yet. Since Macron has declared that the war against the virus is over, I live in the hopes that England cannot be so far behind. Little 5 year old Joe was so excited about returning to his Reception class today that he apparently spent the whole of yesterday in his school uniform in anticipation, and today did not disappoint.

It is really quite staggering how everyone has converted to Zoom. Skype appears to be old hat. I was thinking about how I was trying to talk my friend in Germany through how to set it up, and we reached the hilarious point of, are you going to schedule the meeting for me or shall I schedule for you? And I was somehow reminded of my teenage years when we experimented with smoking, and had about 3 cigarettes and one match, and cracked the old joke which we thought the height of naughtiness: “Put your end to mine and take your draws down slowly.”

Here’s another video which made me laugh today:

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