Thursday 18 June

This morning I went into Coulsdon, and discovered that white lines indicating 2m spacing, had been painted on the pavement outside quite a few of the shops. I really don’t think it is necessary as people generally have been very careful about their distancing when waiting in line. But anyway, at least we don’t have “distance champions”, who apparently shout the orders at the queues in the shopping malls. The thing that worries me is that within a few days, the distance will be changed to 1.5m, or 1m even, and then the lines will have to be scrubbed out and re-done. I also saw a double-decker bus go by, with a sign saying, 20 passengers maximum. The normal number is around 90.

A friend of mine managed to get a dental appointment. Lucky her. I got a phone call saying that all appointments at the surgery I attend have been cancelled for the next 2 months. I would actually like to go, because I have lost a filling, but the only advice the receptionist could give me was to buy a DIY filling kit from the pharmacy. I think it is like putty which then sets solid. But I don’t fancy that, in case I don’t do it right and I get a rough or uneven surface which would be even more annoying than the hole with rough edges. However the description of going to the dental surgery was amazing. My friend had to arrive wearing a mask, and phone from outside the door to gain entry. Once in there, she had to put a plastic bonnet over her head, and plastic overshoes on her feet, and wear a plastic gown. She had to keep the mask on at all times except when opening her mouth for treatment. It was a hygiene appointment, and the equipment used was the old-fashioned sort, as the modern ones with an aerosol are not allowed. Too many droplets. The payment machine and card were sanitised, and she was allowed to go. It all sounds totally surreal.

A good day in the garden after the torrential rain. I picked a bowl of raspberries. They are ripening rapidly now. At tea time I ate a very ripe mango. I remember asking a Sri Lankan student what he most missed about his home country, and he said the mango tree in the garden. Since living in Kenya where I developed a taste for mangos, I know what he meant. This one was absolutely dripping with juice, it slides over your fingers, down your wrists, makes a puddle on the plate: there is no elegant way to eat a mango in my experience, but my, are they delicious!

One thought on “Thursday 18 June

  1. If the mango is really soft and ripe one has to pummle it with your thumbs….. Then you cut a slit in the skin and suck away ! Mango juice is very caustic and can cause skin rashes.. Sometimes I cut the skin off in strips and then cut down over the stone in slices. Then cut the slices up.
    Theres a lot of waste in a mango but much of it is still good.
    Do it all near or even in the sink.


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