Friday 19 June

And it’s Friday morning Pilates. There is a short relaxation session at the end, and I am almost asleep by the end of it. So I have to shake myself awake, have a coffee and crack on with the day. But I had to smile at an article by David Aaronovitch, saying that lockdown has given us the perfect excuse not to do any of the things we might otherwise feel obliged to. So giving or attending dinner parties when we really don’t care for the people involved, going to see a play which you know you won’t like……….procrastination is now only too easy. Like weeding the vegetable patch.

So I decided instead to take my young friend to the park. He assured me he had completed the school tasks for the day: I do hope so. He’s a sporty lad, so we had a go at tennis. Here is the next Andy Murray.

One of the funniest things was the running commentary which he kept up. He has clearly watched Wimbledon in the past. “And it’s Sturdy to serve…” “Oh look at that back hand!” “And here comes a smash.” It was very entertaining, and he had to recover with an ice cream: luckily all park cafes round here have reopened.

But talking to his parents, it is clear that it has been a hugely onerous task to home school children and to stay at work. I am becoming more and more aware of mental health issues for even quite young children. The fearfulness which has been instilled into us all is going to take a great deal of unpicking.

My neighbour has a night camera in his garden, initially to watch the foxes who brought up a litter under his garden shed. But last night brought a new visitor, Mr Badger. I think they must live on the golf course behind us, along with the deer. I have a lot of small excavations in our lawn which I thought was the foxes, or squirrels, but now I am beginning to wonder….

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