Sunday 21 June

Can I do a promotion for one of the funniest things I have seen in lockdown? “Staged” on BBC iplayer. David Tennant and Michael Sheen, apparently rehearsing for 6 characters in search of an author. On Zoom. It is in fact carefully scripted, edited and manipulated, but it appears to be spontaneous, and is reminiscent of many of our own Zoom calls. Very strong language, which I am normally against, but somehow here it seems to lend authenticity. 6 x 15 minute slots. I have watched 3 and laughed hysterically.

Another musical offering which I found very inspiring: Jess Gillam with 900 players, Let It Be. Every instrument, every ability, such fun. Hope the link works. If not just type into YouTube the details as above.

I managed one and half miles today just going up and down the garden with the lawn mower. Not that the grass has grown a lot, but I decapitated a few dandelions and clover. I should say we don’t really have a lawn, more a meadow. I also picked a mass of raspberries and red currants. I think the first potatoes might be nearly ready. Exciting times. Bad news: the fox managed to unlock our compost bin and distribute the contents down the drive.

But today’s main excitement was going on a bus. We were invited to Emma and Mark’s for a Fathers’ Day dinner, and as wine would be consumed, neither wanted to drive. So we decided the time had come….masks on and away you go. A double decker bus is only permitted 20 passengers so plenty of room to distance. Fine. We got on and sat near the door, no-one could sit in front of us. In fact unless anyone was upstairs, we were the only passengers. Then a young lad got on, no mask. The driver remonstrated somewhat but let him on. He only went 2 stops anyway. At Purley Tesco a man got on with his shopping, no mask, put his shopping in the seat behind us (all other seats unoccupied) and sat diagonally across from Rod. A few others got on: sum total 9: 5 with masks, 4 without. I think one of the realities is, that people have no concept of 2 metres. You might as well say, 2 inches, or 2 ells or whatever. But it was OK. I’d use a bus again.

We took an Uber to come home. Ganesh was in a mask, we were in masks, all very correct. If you have not yet experienced travelling in a mask, I would say it feels pretty hot. After 25 mins in the bus, I felt rather steamed up. I am not sure about 4 hours on a train to Edinburgh. Sorry Emily!

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