Monday 22 June

Today I picked a lot of raspberries, so I think raspberry jam and raspberry vodka will soon be the order of the day. It is forecast to be a very hot week and the temperature is already rising. There is going to be a lot of watering this week if vegetables and fruit are to survive. What I really need is a trip to the seaside……

Grandson started at a new nursery today and I received a photo of him on his first day there. The teacher was wearing a standard issue blue mask, and I thought, what do little children make of all these strange adults wearing face masks? I think it must also make it more difficult to speak and to be understood. I noticed yesterday that when Rod and I were on the bus, wearing masks, we had hardly any conversation, it all seemed too much effort. I also found that my face was getting very hot with the breath being pushed back into my face. The short answer is, as you will have deduced, I don’t like masks.

I read an article about the London Symphony Orchestra and its conductor, Sir Simon Rattle. He is finding it hard to see when any orchestra will be able to give a live performance. Social distancing for musicians is impossible and also they thrive on the contact with the audience. The same for actors of course. So hard to predict what the future may hold for these artists.

I wonder how many people have failed to get very far down their to do list, made at the beginning of lockdown? I look at packets of photos waiting to be put in albums: still not done. I justify this by thinking, I spent more time in the garden because the weather was so good. Then I look at the flourishing weeds in the garden and think, but I haven’t kept on top of that either. Where has the time gone? Well now as lockdown eases, there are more picnics and tea parties in the back garden, and that is very delightful. I also spend a lot of time reading and writing: not only the blog, but emails, letters, cards.

But this was today’s highlight: seen just now in a friends’ garden:

I don’t think I have seen a live hedgehog before, certainly not recently. This was quite a sizeable specimen, and he scuttled off into the undergrowth pretty rapidly.

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