Tuesday 23 June

Today the government announcements seem to indicate that the ending of lockdown is in sight. From 4 July many more premises will be opening up, and suddenly a summer holiday looks like a possibility. So maybe this foreshadows the end of the blog.

I felt as if I was on holiday today. It was very warm and sunny, and I finally got the opportunity to swim. Not once, but twice. One of my enthusiasms is wild swimming, and also lidos, but as these are all closed for the foreseeable future, it has to be the wild variety. The first swim was in a lovely river. A fairly frequented spot with kayakers, paddleboarders and swimmers. I will at some point say precisely where but for the moment I’ll just describe it. The water was warm, 20c, very clean, (not that I ever drink it!) and there were dozens of dragonflies skimming over the surface. I never swim alone but today it was like a holiday beach with children, grandparents, uni students, picnics, the full works.

This evening I swam again, in a lake, which is slightly less public, so there were just 3 of us. Fantastically clear, water like glass, warm, air temperature of 27C, just idyllic. We had to return to the garden for a glass of wine to recover. Lovely day.

One thought on “Tuesday 23 June

  1. Jenny, I hope you will continue to exercise caution when the UK “opens” up. There has been a huge uptick in cases in 19 states since our bars and restaurants have reopened. Beaches seem to be a major problem as people are so anxious for summer holiday experiences and are flocking to them with no social distancing. Our state superintendent of schools announced on Monday that our schools may not be able to reopen this fall due to the increased spread of the virus.

    A less dire comment: we live in a lake community On Lake Keowee, SC, where we regularly swim in “the cleanest water east of the Mississippi”. I participate in derp water aerobic 3 mornings a week. Heading there in an hour. Like you, swimming is a passion with me.


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